Reclaimed ‘Long Island’ off East Coast could be about twice the size of Marina Bay: Desmond Lee

The suggested Long Island will integrate seaside security solutions with future reclamation arrangements for the area, in view of the long-term impact of climate difference which includes ascending water level. “Mean sea levels around Singapore are forecasted to climb by approximately 1m by the end of this century. When high tides accompany thunderstorm surges, water level could climb by as much as 4 to 5m over mean sea level. This is a really significant concern, since approximately one-third of our island is below 5m above mean sea level, and at risk of being swamped by the sea,” Minister Lee describes.

” It is strongly likely that the allotment for common housing will certainly be greater than private housing on Long Island,” Huttons’ Lee claims, adding that the HDB condos will very likely be released either under the Prime or Plus model.

Sky Eden condominium

The concept of Long Island would certainly “project coastal projection seawards”, permitting the presenting East Coast Park to be maintained mostly in its existing state, Minister Lee states. It will in addition create an enclosed waterbody, which will become a freshwater reservoir over time, adding to Singapore’s supply of water while also being a place the general public can use for water events.

Speaking at a housing development event at East Coast Park hung on Nov 28, Minister Lee indicates that the assignment would develop prospects for future generations of Singapore. “They might develop homes, create work, build services and facilities that they require, and include around 20 km of new seaside and reservoir parks, expanding from the present East Coast Park,” he adds.

Technical researches will definitely be performed to evaluate the usefulness of the project, with the research studies expected to take approximately 5 years. Simultaneously, residents and stakeholders are going to be connected to provide comments and strategies on the project. Provided the scale of the project, full planning and utilization of Long Island “will take years”, Minister Lee says.

He continues: “The possibilities of producing a 2nd Sentosa are low as the government wishes to develop a comprehensive society allowing every person access to good residences and not just for the rich.” He even sees that the project will prompt further investment right into transport connection, with the possibility for an MRT or LRT expansion to branch off from the Thomson-East Coast Line to Long Island.

Around 800ha throughout 3 regions of land could potentially be redeemed off East Coast Park in future decades, providing space for new homes and facilities. Called “Long Island”, the land would be approximately twice the size of Marina Bay, states Desmond Lee, Minister for National Development and Minister-in-charge of Social Services Integration.

Regardless, the future developments on Long Island will likely work for existing exclusive developments along the East Coast, most of which are freehold, Huttons’ Lee concludes. “It might perhaps even increase the capacity for en-bloc in the future.”

Lee Sze Teck, senior supervisor of data analytics at Huttons Asia, estimates that at 800ha, Long Island would certainly be similar in dimension to the Kallang-Whampoa estate and could potentially house between 30,000 and 60,000 all new homes with a great mix of commercial, recreation and environment-friendly aspects.

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